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Brand Souls

The commercial value that derives from consumer’s perception of the Brand value of a particular product or service, rather than from the produc or service itself.

Red – Be excited and motivated to take actions.

Orange – Lets be tangy to the core.

Blue – Icy cool approach till end.

Green – Evolving at every step.

Yellow – We are analytical, logical and illuminated.

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What We Offer

Brand Souls is a creative solution providing bee hive. We represent some of the finest creative spritis present in today’s time. We are trying to push the possiblilites to the best of our grey cells.

EAT DRINK SLEEP – Strategy + Solution + Implementation + Sales, that is our motto.

We will use every ethical means to attain Business for our clients using the best Technologies available on this planet EARTH.

Culture is a central concept in our day to day work, encompassing the range of phenomena that are transmitted through social learning in human ecoSYSteam. Lets mix up work+party as life is to be ENJOYED!

  • North American Technology Sales Consulting 80%
  • Solar Project Commissioning 45%
  • Brand Design and Development 95%

Our Work Flow

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Our team will sit with you and your team to understand the challenges faced. We prefer to work as your exteneded team.

Strategy Building

We have a very strong team of strategists and analysts who would hit upon evry possible solutions that are there in the market. We believe every problem is like a villian that has to be punchd by our HERO solution. We then make a mutiple flow chart solutions and present it to you and your team.

Project Implementation

Once we get a go ahead from you, our team starts implimenting the final sotuion designed and start anlysing at every curve if we are push our selves on the right track. As we are keeping a live check on the implementation, that helps us to change the course if required and reach the goal set by you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with Startups to established Enterprises across the globe, providing them with creative solutions ranging from consultancy to brand positioning to project implimentation to market penetration through sales .

What is your turn around time?

Our team can design and develope an application in 24 hours sipping on Red Bull but bigger, better and perfect solutions take thier own sweet time. Every project we get associate we treat it as our own kid and give it our best each second we spend on it.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We truely belive in collaboartion as it is the next big thing on this planet. We love to hear from teams across planet Earth and beyond for partnership for the most bombastic creative work.

We hired the Brand Souls team to help us engage more with our clinets to penetrate more for our sales initiative for the Americsn maket. They brought a new zeal to our sales team and did a turn around in less than Three months.They understood our approach and charted a course that was mapping our sales strategy till 2020.

Vishal Kedia

It was nice working with the team at Brand Souls. They did help us in turning around our sales pipeline along with our brand presence in North America. They also helped us build our sales team as per the blueprint which helped us achive our tartegt from the day of inception of our sales strategy form America and Europe market

Ravi Kumar

We have been engaging Brand Souls for last few months and have been getting the expected result from their startegic solution. We would highly recommend their services for Brand potioning and sales implementation for North America region.

Manish Kumar

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